Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Husband

Looking for Christmas gift ideas for your hubby? I've put together a list of ideas that should help you on your way! Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Husband !! |

Looking for Christmas gift ideas for your hubby? I’ve put together a list of ideas that should help you on your way!
Christmas Gifts For Your Husband!

A Shaving Kit. A guy has to shave right? Unless your husband is sporting a long beard as a fashion statement, he definitely shaves. Shaving kits are so manly and elegant! {and guys dig them!} It’s not the common gift to get and he’ll love it!  This one is great, it comes with shaving soap too, but there are others too like this one, this one, this one, and this one.

Christmas Gift Ideas for your Husband Shaving Kits

This Coffe Glass is just too funny! I’m sure you’ve seen them around social media this year. Here is another version of it too.

Christmas Gift Ideas for your Husband Cup

A Pocket Knife. Every guy needs one of these. Men who have them use them all the time! In our house my husband is the go-to guy to open everything from new toy packaging to hard to open boxes. He always has his pocket knife on him and he gets a new one every couple of years. He says he uses it all the time, so I am happy that it has been such a good investment.

Christmas Gift Ideas for your Husband Pocket Knife

A Gift Card For Tools. This one doesn’t really need much explanation right? Men love the hardware store and even if it’s just buying a new tool or some nails. If you don’t have a hardware store close buy or your guy doesn’t mind looking online for great deals, this gift card will work great.

A Watch or Pocket Watch. This is a classic gift for guys. From sporty to formal there are endless options. Just think of what is day is typically like and then pick a watch that you think would serve him best. Maybe your husband is more of a casual guy – then I would grab him a more casual watch like this one. Maybe he would like something more formal like this one to use for special occasions or even for work. A pocket watch is a fun idea too because it’s not a common thing to have.

Christmas Gift Ideas for your Husband Watch

A Night Stand Box. I have always had a bowl or some sort of jewelry box (that is the exact one I have but in brown) on my night-stand. Before bed I take off my watch, bracelets, or any jewelry I don’t want to sleep in. My husband doesn’t wear jewelry like me, but he does wear a watch and he would use my jewelry container to keep it over-night – or the kitchen counter. One year I got him a mini wooden/leather chest (kind of like a mini pirate chest) to put on his night-stand. He LOVED it! Every night he unloads his pockets {wallet, receipts  keys, ect) and puts his watch in it. In the morning it makes it easier for him because it’s all in one place – making it quicker and easier for him to get ready in the morning. He’s not looking around the kitchen counter for his wallet or keys and he’s not digging through my jewelry box for his watch. If you would like something a bit more simple this leather tray would work too.

Christmas Gift Ideas for your Husband Side Table Box

This t-shirt is a quirky gift idea. I can totally see a husband getting a total kick out of this one!

A Study Bible. Every man should have one of these. They are the spiritual leaders of our home, and while reading books and listening to sermons is fantastic! – give them a tool that they can use not only for themselves, but that will also enrich your family study time! I recommend the John MacArthur Study Bible – they come in most (possibly all) translations. I gave my husband the leather one a few years back and he loves it. It’s been a great guide and tool for him during our study times. You can even snag him a copy of a study bible  for his kindle.

Christmas Gift Ideas for your Husband Study Bible

“Hubby” Engraved Pen. This is so unique and fun!

Christmas Gift Ideas for your Husband Hubby Pen

This is another sweet pen. It has Matthew 19:26 engraved on it. It would be a sweet gift to go with the study bible I mentioned above. It also has an LED Light and Stylus Tip!

Christmas Gift Ideas for your Husband Matthew Pen

BBQ Grill Tools Set! Most men I know love to grill and this would be the perfect gift for the sweet man in your life! He’ll not only get a 16 piece set, but also a really neat case to hold everything in! Pretty cool for storing and also to take along on camping trips!

Christmas Gift Ideas for your Husband BBQ Kit

While you’re at it, he might like this quirky apron too! Or, if he likes to keep things simple this is a good option as well as this one, or this one. Is he into Star Wars? He might dig this Darth Vader apron!

Christmas Gift Ideas for your Husband Apron

Does your man like coffee? This French Press Coffee (Tea & Espresso) Maker might be just the right gift for him!

Christmas Gift Ideas for your Husband French Press

Men’s Vintage Bag. So this isn’t a murse, it’s more like a messenger bag. I think they look pretty cool and sometimes guys need more than just their pockets for some outings. Maybe they’re going out for a hike, a bike ride, or maybe the whole family is going out to the fair, park, or picnic! He’ll love this!

Christmas Gift Ideas for your Husband Vintage Messenger Bag

Traveling Coffee Mug! This one from Thermos is a great one, and here it is with a handle. This silver one is neat too. I also like these and we have quite a few of them and they are great! They might not look fancy, but we use them all the time!

Christmas Gift Ideas for your Husband Coffee Traveling Cup

I hope this list helps you with some ideas! If you have any you’d like to add, share them in the comments below!!

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  1. My husband already has a study bible that he loves. So this year I was going to attempt to get him a bible that had wide enough margins for journaling. I ordered it online, but when I got it it had smaller margins than most bibles. I was quite frustrated. So now here I am with no gift for my husband a week before Christmasz :(

    • Which one did you get that has the small margins? I’ll help you find some :o) What Version are you looking for (NASB, KJV, NKJV, ESV, NIV, ect)?